Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Recreating Picasso's Three Musicians

When we were at the library earlier this week, The Bug selected a picture book called Lumpito and the Painter from Spain by Monica Kulling.  I know he picked it just for the daschund on the cover, but it was a good find.  This is a cute story about Pablo Picasso's dog Lumpito, and how he ended up with the painter. 

The book ends by talking about how Lumpito appeared in some of Picasso's work, including The Maids of Honor.  So naturally, we had to go look at the original painting, which led to a refresher on Pablo Picasso.

We wanted to do an art project, but we had already done Picasso-style self portraits.  Instead, we decided to make our own version of Three Musicians.

Three Musicians, 1921 by Pablo Picasso

The kids cut geometric shapes (being sure to use straight lines and angles) from construction paper in colors similar to the original.  They glued them on to form their own musicians.  I found the original idea here in Parents magazine.

Miss M's version of Three Musicians

The Bug's version of Three Musicians

This was a bit too complicated for The Bug, although he did enjoy cutting.  It was a perfect project for Miss M.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Milking Cows & Tin Lanterns: A Farmer Boy Unit Study

One of the things Miss M is doing this year is an unit study on the book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I have my Little House Series from when I was a child and have been waiting for her to get interested in them.  Finally, that day is here.  She is doing the vocabulary and discussion questions from Memoria Press, but we wanted to add a little bit of hands-on also. 

We enlisted the help of The Boy Scout to milk a cow like in chapter two.  Since we don't have real cows, I filled a rubber glove with water and poked a pin in the fingertips and he held it while they practiced milking.  I was surprised how much fun they had with this one.

Tin lanterns were another project we did.  We washed out two cans after I used the contents for dinner. (I used a safety can opener so the edges were not sharp).  We drew designs on them with a sharpie,

and then hammered a nail into the can along the design (while wearing safety goggles). 

When they were done we put a small tea-light candle inside and moved them to a room without any windows to see them glow.

 We ate popcorn and apples for a snack (it was too warm for a fire) like they did in chapter 3.  Miss M tried the experiment of putting a full cup of popcorn into a full cup of milk and was pleased to see that it didn't spill. 

We have only read the first four chapters, but they can't wait to see what happens next.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

First Day Back to Homeschool

Today was our first day back at school.  Usually we school year-round, but this year we took the summer off for our family's much-anticipated trip to Europe.  The Boy Scout will be attending our local high school (as a sophomore) this year, and he doesn't start for a few more weeks, but the rest of us were READY!!  Miss M is in Third Grade this year, and The Bug is in Kindergarten.

The Bug working on a phonics game from All About Reading Level 1.

Miss M reading from Our Life With Jesus (Faith & Life 3).  This will be her First Holy Communion year and we have lots of different resources on hand to prepare her.

Miss M making her shadow-clock.
One of the things we are trying this year is to give Miss M some projects that are completely her own.  One way we are doing this is through  She chose to work on the Astronomy patch and has already completed two projects.  For today, she logged on and chose to make a sundial for her third.  She set the timer and went out every hour to mark the sun's shadow on her paper plate.  Simple, but her pride in designing and doing it herself was wonderful to see!

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